Client Testimonials for Ray Wetterlund 3:

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Strength & Conditioning Training Testimonial from NFL Pro
Everson Griffen (DE- Minnesota Vikings)

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RW3 Takes on The Industry- Testimonials:

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Former NFL Athlete Robert Griffith Testimonial for Ray Wetterlund 3

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: Greg Scherman,
Squash player (Top 10) National Rank

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: John Spanos

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RW3Fitness.com Personal Training/Boot Camp Testimonial:
Kathryn Hunt (ModelCall)

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial:
Former San Diego Charger Girls Kamri Collins & Katelyn Bobrow

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: Susanne Scherman, Personal Trainer
and Second degree black belt

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: Addie Lewis

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: Darren S. (Gained 20 lbs. of muscle.)

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RW3Fitness.com Testimonial: Mike L.

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Written Testimonials

Jason B. Khoury (CEO)Adam KellerMark Feder Success Story

“I have always been an athlete, training for some sort of competition, be it football, lacrosse or martial arts.  I have trained with many fantastic trainers throughout my years of competition both in high school, college and post college.

Training with Ray has been incredible.  His youth and exuberance is definitely present regardless of the time of day, but it is clearly evident at 6AM.  He is always upbeat and positive.  His intentions and desire to help his clients achieve their goals is evident.  He pr actices what he preaches.  I have tho roughly enjoyed training with Ray.

Workouts are varied, there is always variation so workout splits never become routine.  He brings science to the sessions, so it’s not just a matter of pushing weight.  Ray listens to the clients needs and goals.  He has the uncanny ability to get you to dig deep, for that one last rep, to hold the contraction for 5 more seconds, to bring out the best…  He brings balance to a program, knowing when to push, and also when to pull back to let a nagging injury recuperate or when the body needs a break after a solid series of heavy sessions.

Aside from the weight / cardio training, his nutrition program is excellent.  We have worked together to create meal plans that provide for the utmost flexibility whether I am on the road, eating out for lunch and dinner or at home.  Diet is not “dieting” with Ray, it is a way of life, it is sustainable.  The plans are geared so that I have never felt that I was “sacrificing”, on the other hand, I have always felt nourished, satisfied and satiated.  I have found that my lean body mass has increased, body fat decreased, and find myself closer to my 20 something year old physique than it has been in many years.   I sincerely believe the diet / training plan that Ray and I have developed is truly sustainable and the results speak for themselves.

I really enjoy working with Ray.  As I mentioned, he is full of energy, he motivates, he listens, and he cares.  That may be the most important aspect to me; the sincerity behind his training.  Out of this sincerity, he is accountable, never late for a session, he is always accessible, and he gives much more than one would expect.  He is creative in his approach to training and to diet.  He varies routines to attain the desired goals of the client, and for me, that is reaching certain goals that I set in my 20’s for when I turned 40 such as strength in key exercises, cardio vascular endurance and body mass / physical measurements.  Most of all, I enjoy training with Ray because at the end of the hour, my mind is settled and I am focused on the rest of the day as my day has started with a fantastic workout.

I would strongly recommend training with Ray.  What do you have to lose, but stress and the wrong kind of lbs!”

“My name is Adam Keller and I have been training with Ray for two years.  I have twin 2 year olds, and proper rest is not easy to come by.  Training with Ray has been a life saver.  I leave every workout feeling better than when I came in, and I always get much more out of every session than I think is possible.  I get far more out of working out with Ray than I ever would on my own in terms of intensity, variety, and endurance.  Ray always shows me how to get more out of myself than I think I can.  My workouts with Ray have been a terrific life investment.  Plus, it’s fun! I strongly endorse working out with Ray Wetterlund 3.”

“I have been working out with Ray Wetterlund 3 since late August of 2006. He has been working with me 3 days a week on losing weight, slimming down, and generally getting in better health. In the last 6 months, I have lost 40 lbs, gone down 3 inches in my waist, I can now run 4 + miles, and I can complete 3 real pull-ups. This is a big accomplishment for me, from where I was five months ago to where I am now. The key is Ray’s innovative training; every day consists of new ways to make me train.

If I get comfortable with an exercise, he varies it up to the point where I am continuously challenged. Not only has it been productive, but also it is actually fun. Ray pushes me to the extreme as he always encourages me to the point where I want to continue to come in and train as I actually have a great time. The workouts have definitely pushed me physically, but I know I am now better off from all of my hard work. My energy has dramatically increased throughout both social and work related activities. I get up early, I am almost never tired, and having a lot more fun with life. Overall, working out with Ray and the results that we have achieved as a team have definitely been worth the extra few hours of hard work per week that it takes.”

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