Why Ray’s Nutrition Counseling?

There are three reasons why you should consider Sports Nutrition counseling with Ray.

  1. You wish to change your physique (lose body fat, increase skeletal muscle mass and or, be more aesthetically pleasing.)
  2. You wish to improve performance (athletic or improve activities of daily living.)
  3. You wish to reach your maximum potential, peak condition (Be in the best shape of your life and longevity.)

Once you’ve had a program developed for you, there are three reasons why you should continue seeing Ray, your Licensed Sports Nutrition Specialist

To see if the program is working as expected. Does there need to be any modifications, are you on track with reaching your goals? plateaus faced? Besides your Nutrition plan, how much cardiovascular activity are you doing? How many days of strength training are you doing? Are you keeping a food log to hold yourself more accountable?

To determine how realistic the program is and your level of adherence. I am a huge advocate of feedback. Is there something that is a struggle for you with your program? What is your level of motivation on a scale of 1-10?

To prevent plateaus as your body adapts to the program. Body receptors get accustomed to the same stimuli, nutrients etc. Muscle confusion is what I preach and that is what will get you breaking through those plateaus in no time!

In any case, your Nutrition goal should be:

To reach a comfortable but healthy lifestyle.

At a physical state you are most happy with.

Be able to learn and be educated about proper nutrition, portion control, food composition, how many calories should I be eating? Maintain your results and healthy lifestyle (Eventually with little or no help.)

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