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Ray Wetterlund 3’s Call To The Dentist

Check out this “Evil Knievel” crazy style push up that I did. It is world class and highly athletic. This is a advanced upper body plyometric geared towards athletes. In order to do this…You have to create as much vertical displacement (explosive power) as possible. Flexibility and hand quickness is a must.

I actually completed this on the spot, looking fear & doubt in the eye. I don’t recommend attempting this unless you are advanced and you put some sort of safety barrier on the floor. This is a sure call to the dentist if you aren’t careful! For more out of the box training techniques and exercises, be sure to check out Ray’s Fit Body Boot Camp

I encourage all comments on my video and let me know what you think.


PS: This got me really pumped up!

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Ray’s Rockin Restaurant Review

Top 10 Healthy Eateries (La Jolla, CA)

Ray’s Rockin Restaurant Review: Top 10 Healthy Eateries (La Jolla, CA)

“If your like me then eating and eating healthy, whether your on the go or looking for a healthy sit down can sometimes be quite challenging.”

Ray's Rockin Restaurant Review

I want to clarify that when eating out it is almost impossible to eat as clean as if you prepped and cooked your own food. There are so many restaurants that claim they serve nothing but healthy food. The problem is that most places have trans-fats to provide taste, texture and preserve foods. Chefs don’t care about health as much as they strive for more than a satisfying taste. Remember that and most foods are cooked in butter, fried and loaded with all types of creams.

My Rockin Restaurant Review will provide you with a inside the window look at where you can find the healthiest but most satisfying foods in La Jolla.

Lean and Green:

7825 Fay Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037

This place is amazing! Lean and Green provides a great community feel. Eat outdoors with comfortable seating and the staff is great. I personally know all of the owners and they are very nice people. Their delivery service is prompt and they have excellent customer service.

They serve a variety of natural and organic foods. Their breakfast burritos are really good. All breads/ tortillas are whole wheat. You can get eggs/egg whites. They have egg, chicken and tofu bowls packed with brown rice and steamed vegetables. The wraps are tasty and you can build your own salad or wrap. If you just get done with a workout then be sure to try one of their strawberry fat burner shakes or their skinny monkeys.

Even their business cards sprout if you plant them, talk about helping out our environment! This place is both healthy and delicious. Does it sound like I go there much?

El Pescador:

627 Pearl St La Jolla, CA 92037

This small eatery has been serving the freshest and finest seafood since 1974. They have great catches, salads, sandwiches and their famous soup (Cioppino) which is a mix of different fish and vegetables. Depending on season you can get crab, lobster, sword fish etc. They grill their seafood and you can request things “dry” or cooked without butter. As one of their sides, they serve white rice. I really wish they had brown rice. The food is fresh and really good. I would call for takeout as your not going to get any 5 star customer service here.

Prep Kitchen:

7556 Fay Ave La Jolla. CA 92037

The Prep Kitchen is brought to you from the Whisknladle family. They serve salads, sandwiches, fresh pastas and in-house cured meats.

Don’t forget to try their Halibut in the green verde sauce or their rotisserie chicken, it is as juicy and delicious as they come.

Their starches( sides) are great! I would stick with the couscous or the mashed potatoes. Be advised the mashed potatoes are full of cream and butter. You can request no butter on the veggies. The Moroccan Chicken Salad sandwich has quite a fine taste and served on a whole wheat roll. Enjoy the outdoor seating that is very spacious. Good Customer Service. They take orders for delivery in the community of La Jolla and also take orders daily until 8:30pm.

Marketplace Grille:

1030-C Torrey Pines Rd. La Jolla, CA 92037

Marketplace Grille is actually located in between Come On In and Rimels. They have a vegetarian friendly menu. Great salads, bowls and wraps. Some of my favorites are the salmon plate, which comes with basmati herb rice and vegetables. Their chicken and lamb skewers are really good and really lean. Their meats are seasoned and cooked in butter but if your looking for the “healthy” route then these are your sure fire tickets.


1030 Torrey Pines Rd. #E La Jolla, CA 92037

Their signature foods and my favorites have got to be the brown rice rotisserie chicken bowl with vegetables and Rimels grilled turkey burger on squaw bread with their special sauce. You can also find the finest quality in seafood. Great little place to take a date or oder food for take out and be sure to call 20 minutes ahead of time.

Come On In:

1030 Torrey Pines Rd Suite B, La Jolla, CA 92037

Come On In was first established in 1993. It is known for their breakfast and lunch selection. Try their power breakfast, oatmeal and for lunch you can never go wrong with their famous Arrugula salad. They even serve breakfast on the weekends till 3:30 pm. I haven’t had the best evening dining experience there. Your best choice is to stick to breakfast and lunch for this eatery.


639 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037

They now have brown rice. I like the grilled chicken or fish banzai bowl, black beans, veggies and brown rice. This place has a great friendly laid back vibe. Their salads and tacos are good too. The service is fast and they have good customer service.

Brick & Bell Cafe:

928 Silverado Ave La Jolla, CA 92037

Peter is one hell of an owner. He works so hard and has been so great about accommodating me. I could go there at 5am and also call food in for delivery and time my meals throughout the day. Peter is awesome and so is his staff. Very nice brazilian girls.

My classic breakfast from there is “The Ray Special” and consists of egg whites/yolks tell them if you want 1,5, or 10 etc. Dry toast and mixed veggies. They are big on selling their latees in the morning.

They have a really tasty muesli. Not that bad for you, oats, raisins, cream/yogurt and blueberries. Taste great! This is a very popular place to the locals.

Girard Gourmet:

7837 Girard Ave La Jolla, CA 92037

Get the freshest sandwiches in the area. I don’t get the foods like fajitas and other things that they have sitting out. My favorite lunch there is a turkey/avocado and cheese on whole wheat bread, sprouts, lettuce, spicy mustard. They also have hard boiled eggs and fruit/salads.

I love the sandwich, hard-boiled eggs and fruit salad combo. If your going to eat there for lunch, call in your order as this place is blowin up with a line out the door around lunch time.

Flame Broiler:

8867 Villa La Jolla Drive Suite 606 La Jolla CA 92037

They don’t fry their food, or serve skin. Their foods are free of trans fat and they have brown rice! I love the fact that their chicken is actually well-done, unlike most places. It has the most amazing flavor. Try it with the hot sauce and teriyaki combined, even if you don’t like spicy things, you might be pleasantly surprised if you add just a touch of hot sauce! I always get it with white meat and veggies, as well as green onions. This place is great, as well as really healthy! I love the fact that you can get such delicious, healthy food to-go so fast!

First time I ever went in there, the staff left with me with an everlasting experience and kept me coming back.

I Hope this helps give some insight to your healthy food choices. For more tips on healthy eats, supplementation or exercise, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help!

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