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Stay Healthy at the Gym

The gym is usually thought of as a place to stay fit and healthy, although, if you’re not careful, you can risk picking up some nasty germs. It’s tough to avoid the germs while working up a sweat, but to help you stay healthy through every workout, take these tips with you next time you hit the gym and locker room.


-Wash your hands before and after your workout.

-Wear flip-flops in the locker room, shower and sauna.

-Keep all cuts and scrapes covered appropriately with a bandage.

-Avoid working out at the gym when you’re really sick to prevent spreading your germs.

-When you’re done with equipment be sure to wipe it down/sanitize to keep it clean for the next user.

-If possible, bring your own yoga mat.

-Bring your own towel so you’re the only set of hands that handle it.


Don’t let the fear of germs be the reason for skipping your workouts. Just keep in mind these helpful tips to decrease your chances of picking any of them up and sweat on!


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