Surviving the Tailgate Party

Tis’ the Season of Dips, Wings, and Pigs in a Blanket

As the playoff season gets started, the tailgate parties begin, and you are never short of grease, empty carbs and fattening finger foods. It’s easy to over indulge because of the convenience factor. Plates or utensils are rarely needed, which cause you to end up eating a lot more than if you were to make a plate and stick to serving sizes.  If your calendar has you loaded with pigskin parties, here is some advice to survive the seven-layer dip.

–> Watch the sauce! Chicken may sound like the healthier option, but when it’s smothered in sauces like, BBQ or sweet and sour sauce, the calories can add up quickly. Don’t forget about the sauce for the sauce. Blue cheese can have as many as 160 calories in just one serving.

–> That seven-layer dip may look healthy with veggies and beans, but most are filled with refried beans, guacamole and sour cream. If you must have the dip, try using celery or carrots for dipping instead of high calorie tortilla chips.

–> For healthier options, stick with grilled chicken and veggies. Also, reach for a small serving of chili, which is usually lower in calories and will leave you feeling full longer. The best way to guarantee a healthy alternative is to bring your own appetizer or platter that incorporates more nutritional ingredients.

–> Without restricting yourself completely of all the yummy dips, choose a serving size of a couple options and make yourself a small plate. Once your done lose the plate to keep from going back for seconds. Most importantly, watch out for the high calorie beer and sodas and try sticking to water to avoid drinking your calories.

Keep these tips in mind when you head out to root on your hometown team!


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