Beat the Winter Blues!

The days are shorter and colder but that’s no excuse to hibernate. To get rid of those wintertime blues, grab your friends, get outside, and exercise.  There are plenty of ways to boost your mood this season; so don’t let the low temps and dark days bring you down.


Exercise can help reduce daily stress, which will ultimately boost your mood. Not only does exercise keep you fit and healthy but it can also keep you happy. The effects of a good workout can last for hours after you leave the gym. Physical activity releases feel-good brain chemicals, such as, endorphins, that can leave you with a feeling of overall happiness.

Get some Vitamin D

Don’t go into hibernation! During the winter, with the low temperatures and less sunlight, we often spend more time inside which can contribute to lower moods and seasonal depression. Similar to exercise, exposure to sunlight releases neurotransmitters in the brain that affect your mood.  Try taking a short walk at lunch. Just ten minutes outside can increase your vitamin D levels.  Don’t forget your sunscreen, as the sun produces ultraviolet rays all year round. You can also get your dose of the D in other ways besides direct sunlight.  Certain foods contain vitamin D like eggs, salmon and mushrooms.  

Get Outside

Instead of parking yourself inside, gather up your friends and plan a getaway for some outdoor fun. Hit the slopes and burn calories while enjoying the elements.  Meeting up with friends after work can brighten your mood and leave you less susceptible to winter woes. Studies have suggested that people who maintain a good social life are often in a happier state of mind.


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