Is Breakfast Overrated?

4 Reasons to Never Skip the Most Important Meal of the Day

We’ve all heard it before: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. However between getting ready for work, dropping off the kids, and tackling AM traffic, breakfast is oftentimes skipped or neglected. It is important to set aside time for breakfast because it can play an important role in helping manage your weight, kick-start your metabolism, increase productivity, and lower your risk of both heart disease and diabetes. Here are four reasons why you should never skip breakfast:

  1. Breakfast foods tend to provide more nutrients than with any other meal. Breakfast foods are often chockfull of essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. For example, oatmeal and whole-grain breakfast cereals provide a substantial amount of fiber. Fiber can help you lower your cholesterol and protect your heart from disease. Other morning options like calcium fortified orange juice provide the body with immune system boosting vitamin C and bone-building calcium. Adding protein like a hard-boiled egg or low-fat yogurt will help you feel full longer, while providing bone and muscle growth and support.
  2. Sustained fullness. Have you noticed that skipping breakfast usually leads to an 11 am apple fritter craving? The craving for high-calorie foods occurs as a result of mid-morning hunger strikes combined with the readily available amount of convenient fatty snacks and fast food establishments. Eating a filling breakfast will keep your appetite at bay, and make it easier to say ‘no’ to fast food.
  3. Energy Boost. A morning spread with healthy foods boosts your metabolism and provides continuous energy throughout the day.
  4. Increased Productivity. Certain breakfast foods can literally kick-start your day and help with overall productivity. Foods rich in vitamin B, like oatmeal, bananas, and avocados, can give you a natural boost and help keep the mind focused. A more focused mind is a more productive mind.

So start your day off right! Treat your body to a healthy breakfast and make the most of your day!

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